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-Chauna Banks, Councilwoman Metro Council, District 2 (East Baton Rouge Parish)

"Louisiana Education Advancement Program (LEAP) brings alive the premise that each child can find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to family, the community, and spiritual values. LEAP aims to call forth a holistic reverence for a trinity that encompasses home, school, and church life as essentials for learning. This is done, not through an academic “curriculum” that condenses the world into instructional packages, but through direct engagement with the community."

"I have read, with great interest, what you and your organization are doing to enhance the lives and future of youngsters in North Baton Rouge! I applaud all that you are trying to do, as well as, your printed goals and objectives! It's great seeing this effort, because one of those kids was me as a child! Continue to work at saving our children to protect our future. If I can help in any way, please let me know!"

"I believe LEAP is an excellent organization that is poised to make a huge difference in North Baton Rouge. Children today need guidance and love, and I believe LEAP is able to offer both to the next generation."

-Johnny Anderson, Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and Planning, Governor's Office

-Ronaldo Hardy, CEO Shell Geismar Federal Credit Union

"As a former executive director of a non-profit organization, I understand the value and importance a non profit provides to its community and state. I support and applaud the work of the LEAP Program especially with the youth. They are making a difference!"

-Regina Ashford Barrow, Louisiana State Senator, District 15

"I want to congratulate Daniel Banguel and the LEAP team for making an impact with our students and community. Education is directly connected to personal elevation. Daniel's commitment to serving others is noteworthy and greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!"

-Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish

-Carl K. Dunn, Chief of Baker City Police

"Shout out to Brother Daniel Banguel and the Louisiana Education Advancement Project (LEAP). This program is focusing on the children of North Baton Rouge. As a retired Police Captain who spent more than twenty-five years patrolling the streets of North Baton Rouge, this program will be instrumental in turning these communities around. With tens of thousands of contacts during my career, I have never met a child that did not have the exact same needs, desires and wants as my children at home. With a mission of instilling leadership, education, accountability, and perseverance into the youth, I see a promising future through the LEAP program."

"LEAP is a lifeline for the young people of North Baton Rouge. This organization is an example of how we can change lives when we invest in our young people. Our young people become what they see, and LEAp allows them to see positive and productive people in our community."

-Edward "Ted" James, Louisiana House of Representative, District 101

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